Self-Employment Program Organized By Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement

Self-Employment Program Organized By Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement

In a successful endeavor to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, the Jammu and Kashmir RTI Movement collaborated with the Khadi Village Industries Board and District Development Council Budgam to organize an insightful Awareness Program on Self-Employment Schemes. The event, held in Charar Sharief Budgam, proved to be an invaluable source of information and guidance.

The program served as a comprehensive platform for participants to explore various self-employment schemes and opportunities available to them. Its primary focus was to underscore the significance of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and emphasize the potential for individuals to establish thriving ventures. Through interactive sessions and informative presentations, attendees gained valuable insights into the realm of self-employment and discovered the abundance of resources at their disposal.

The collaboration between the Jammu and Kashmir RTI Movement, the Khadi Village Industries Board, and the District Development Council Budgam proved highly effective, as their combined expertise and resources enabled them to provide in-depth knowledge about self-employment schemes and support systems. This partnership showcased a strong commitment to empowering individuals and nurturing entrepreneurship in the region.

The event saw participation from a diverse range of individuals, including aspiring entrepreneurs, local business owners, and those keen on exploring self-employment opportunities. Special guests such as Dr. Hina Shafi Bhat, Chairperson of the Khadi Village Industries Board, Nazir Ahmad Khan, and the Chairman of the J&K RTI Movement added value to the program. The organizers ensured that the program catered to the specific needs and interests of each attendee, creating a personalized experience for everyone involved.

Throughout the program, participants were introduced to various government schemes and financial assistance programs designed to promote self-employment. They received guidance on accessing these schemes and making the most of the available resources. Additionally, experts from different fields shared their experiences and provided practical insights to inspire and motivate the attendees.

The program also shed light on the importance of skill development and capacity building for successful self-employment. Participants were encouraged to enhance their skills through training programs and workshops, equipping them with the necessary tools for entrepreneurial success. The collaboration with the Khadi Village Industries Board added a significant dimension by highlighting the potential of traditional and rural industries as avenues for self-employment.

The Awareness Program on Self-Employment Schemes organized by the Jammu and Kashmir RTI Movement, in collaboration with the Khadi Village Industries Board and District Development Council Budgam, acted as a catalyst for individuals seeking entrepreneurial opportunities. It effectively raised awareness, disseminated valuable information, and fostered a supportive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs in the region. By empowering individuals with knowledge and resources, the program aimed to make a substantial contribution to the economic growth and development of Jammu and Kashmir.

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