Chairman Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement Honored at Calligraphy Workshop in Chadoora

Chairman Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement Honored at Calligraphy Workshop in Chadoora

Chairman RTI Movement Honored at Calligraphy Workshop in Chadoora

Chadoora, February 24, 2024: The Chairman of the Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information (RTI) Movement, Mr. Dr. Raja Muzaffar Bhat, was honored during a prestigious Calligraphy Workshop held in Chadoora. The event, which took place on February 24, 2024, witnessed an amalgamation of artistry and advocacy, celebrating both the finesse of calligraphy and the empowerment fostered by the RTI Movement.

Mr. Dr. Raja Muzaffar Bhat was recognized for his unwavering dedication to transparency, accountability, and the promotion of citizen rights through the RTI Movement. His tireless efforts in advancing the cause of public access to information have been instrumental in fostering a culture of accountability and citizen empowerment.

The Calligraphy Workshop provided a platform for artists, activists, and enthusiasts to come together and explore the intricate art of calligraphy while reflecting on the broader themes of expression and empowerment. Participants engaged in various activities aimed at honing their skills and understanding the significance of artistic expression as a tool for social change.

In honoring Mr. Dr. Raja Muzaffar Bhat, the organizers of the workshop highlighted the symbiotic relationship between art and activism, emphasizing the role of individuals like him in driving positive change in society. His leadership and advocacy have inspired countless individuals to assert their right to information and demand transparency from governing bodies.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Dr. Raja Muzaffar Bhat expressed his gratitude for the recognition and reiterated his commitment to the principles of transparency and accountability. He emphasized the importance of continued efforts in upholding these principles to ensure a more just and equitable society for all.

The Calligraphy Workshop, with its blend of creativity and advocacy, served as a poignant reminder of the power of collective action in effecting meaningful change. As participants delved into the intricacies of calligraphy, they also reaffirmed their dedication to the principles championed by the RTI Movement.

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