Exposed illegal Mining in Doodh Ganga And Shali Ganga

Exposed illegal Mining in Doodh Ganga And Shali Ganga

Exposed illegal Mining in Doodh Ganga And Shali Ganga

Doodh Ganga and Shali Ganga is facing severe threat from mechanized and unsustainable stone and sand mining happening at large scale in sheer violation of existing mining rules and guidelines and the responsible authorities are deliberately overlooking the gravity of the issue.

During a field visit to the mining sites, we found scores of heavy trucks plying on riverbed ferrying precious sand. Poclain and JCB machines in large numbers were seen busy digging dip pits in the riverbed. The active course of the river was blocked and even changed. In fact river was nowhere in sight as its entire course was converted in deep stagnant water pools caused by non-stop mechanized mining. Machines were digging the sand and piling it on floodplain and nearby farm lands.

After exposing illegal Mining in Doodh Ganga and Shali Ganga yesterday, the large Poclain Machines were taken out of both the Nallahas today. Hope DPR is respected & rates of mining material streamlined.

Illegal and reckless deep mining of fresh water body will invite psunami like Environment distrous for the kashmir Valley. Let's hope concerned authorities to wake up early and stop it before it is too late.

Save Doodh Ganga save life, everyone should come forward and take initiative to preserve these natural resources....big disaster we Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement has stopped today after publicly exposed them.

Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement continuously fighting against illegal Mining and Misgovernances.

More details on @JkRtiMovement

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